Who deleted my issues in Jira? Find & restore

4 min readMar 21, 2023

Have you ever wondered where the issue goes if you delete it from Jira? The truth is Jira does not have a built-in recycle bin for tickets. You only can recover a deleted project and its issues if it has been in the trash for less than 60 days. However, Jira does not have an internal feature to track and restore issues that have been deleted from an ongoing project. Does it mean your tasks are lost forever? Here you will find answers.

The reading below will be handy if:

  • You want to track if any Jira issue was deleted
  • You need to know the exact time and person who erased those issues
  • You would like to get your tasks back to the projects (recover Jira tickets)

How to store deleted issues in Jira?

Disable permission to delete. The most common recommendation is to grant access only to admins and disable permission for all other users. This solution only narrows down the problem but doesn’t solve it completely. Certain companies are subject to strict auditing regulations (e.g., CFR 21 Part 11). Checking if any records have been deleted is one of them.

Back up your projects. If you have backed up your project, start a new JIRA instance and restore the backup that contains the issues. The issues need to be exported to a CSV file before being imported into the production instance. Keep in mind that the issue history won’t be kept. You can get details here: Jira Cloud — Restore Issues & Site from Backup

Try the app from the Atlassian Marketplace. You can find some plugins which keep or restore deleted issues and prevent losing your valuable data. Check out Issue History for Jira, for example, which offers a particular feature to restore your issues quickly. Try it free for 30 days.

How to restore deleted Jira issues by SaaSJet

Is it possible to recover deleted Jira issues?

There are a lot of plugins available. Some can only store deleted tickets, and some can recover any issue to the project. Issue History for Jira has got two options. So, you will easily receive answers to the next questions:

  1. Who deleted my Jira issue?
  2. When was my issue deleted?
  3. How can I restore it?

* Please note: you can start storing deleted issues only after you install the add-on.

🟩 Issue History for Jira

This Jira plugin from SaaSJet has a unique feature that allows you to track and restore deleted issues. The app’s primary objective is to archive all previous activities down to the issue level, making it the best option if you want to check on user activity regularly.

What you will get with this add-on:

✅ A diary of all previous activities, which includes tracking which ticket was erased, when, and by whom

✅ Tracking and restoring deleted issues

✅ Ability to export change history or deleted issues list

✅ Ability to grant/restrict permissions to deleted problems or other sections;

✅ Ability to export change history or deleted issues list;

✅ The add-on enables the restoration of every field related to the primary issue, including assignee, reporter, summary, description, comments, etc.

✅ The application is Cloud Fortified and offers users improved security, dependability, and support.

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What customers say:

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Why to choose Issue History for Jira

Issue History app is an all-inclusive diary to track all issue changes and keep&restore deleted tasks. Let’s compare it with other plugins available for Jira Cloud.

Apps to store/restore deleted issues


So, there is no built-in recycle bin for deleted issues in Jira. That’s why you should consider and plan ahead if you want to save your data. Recovering deleted issues in Jira is essential for keeping a precise and comprehensive record of project activity, avoiding data loss, and ensuring teams have access to the data they require to succeed. Issue History for Jira is a good option if you want to store and restore deleted issues + manage permissions + get a full history of issue activities. The app also has a free online demo, so you can see how the app works with our data.




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