What is SLA Time and Report in Jira Cloud?

4 min readDec 11, 2023
Service-level agreement in Jira cloud

In the ever-evolving project and task management landscape, Jira stands tall as a versatile and robust tool. One critical aspect that ensures the seamless functioning of services within Jira is the Service-Level Agreement (SLA).

In this article, we’ll explore the essentials of SLA in Jira, delve into its significance, understand key metrics for monitoring and penalties for non-compliance, and discover how teams can efficiently manage SLAs using such powerful tools as the SLA Time and Report for Jira add-on.

🧐 Understanding SLA in Jira

Service-Level Agreement, or SLA, in the context of Jira, refers to a contractual commitment between a service provider and their client. These agreements outline the expected level of service delivery, covering crucial factors such as response time, resolution time, and overall service availability. The primary objective of SLA in Jira is to ensure that customer expectations are clearly defined and consistently met, holding service providers accountable for their commitments.

The Significance of SLA in Jira

Jira’s popularity as a project and task management tool underscores the significance of SLAs. Without clear SLAs, teams may struggle to understand the urgency with which they should address customer issues, potentially leading to delays and dissatisfaction. SLAs in Jira provide a framework for setting expectations and ensuring efficient service delivery.

📊 Key SLA Metrics for Monitoring

Various metrics play a crucial role in monitoring SLAs in Jira. Some standard metrics include:

  1. Service Availability: Duration a service remains accessible to users.
  2. Defect Rates: Measurement of errors in primary outcomes, such as coding errors and missed deadlines.
  3. Technical Quality: Evaluation of application development quality, considering factors like application size and coding defects.
  4. Security Level: Assurance of security measures, including antivirus updates and patches.
  5. Business Results: Incorporation of business process metrics, aligning with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
Main SLA metrics to monitor

🚩 Penalties for SLA Non-Compliance

SLAs in Jira often include penalties, known as Service Credits, imposed when vendors fail to meet minimum performance requirements. These penalties can include server fee refunds, deferred payments, or service non-payment for the affected days.

Managing SLAs in Jira Cloud with SLA Time and Report

Teams can leverage the feature-rich SLA Time and Report for Jira add-on available on the Atlassian Marketplace for effective SLA management in Jira Cloud. This tool empowers teams to establish SLA objectives, monitor real-time progress, and generate comprehensive reports on SLA performance. The add-on facilitates automated ticket prioritization and notifications based on predefined response and resolution times.

Time and Goals Tracking & Automation

The add-on enables efficient tracking and automation of SLA goals, allowing teams to meet customer expectations. Users can receive notifications about exceeded issues, monitor SLA statuses, and automate processes for enhanced efficiency.

SLA configuration menu

SLA Reporting Dashboard

The SLA reporting dashboard in Jira allows teams to evaluate compliance with SLA using key metrics such as Time to First Response, Time to Resolution, Created vs. Resolved or Exceeded vs. Met, and in-progress issues. The add-on’s integration with additional dashboards allows for seamless chart integration, providing a holistic view of SLA performance.

SLA grid-table report

Why you can trust the SLA Time and Report add-on?

  • 🛡️ Cloud Security Participant: Ensures the security of your cloud-based Jira instance.
  • 🔐 Cloud Fortified: Adheres to cloud application best practices and security standards.
  • 🏆 Platinum Marketplace Partner: Recognized for quality and reliability in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Try a 30-Day Trial Today

To explore the full potential of SLAs in Jira, consider a 30-day trial of the SLA Time and Report for Jira add-on. Configure SLAs, monitor progress and revolutionize your service delivery. The tool allows for the convenient export of reports in various formats for team meetings or manager presentations.

Take control of your SLAs, meet customer expectations, and improve project and task management with the SLA Time and Report for Jira add-on.




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