How to Speed up the Decision-Making Process by Jira Approval Workflow?

3 min readMar 28, 2023

Making decisions requires time, which you might not always have, mainly when they depend on different departments. However, automating the approval step could revolutionize your organization’s workflow by increasing productivity, enhancing communication, and shortening the time it takes for decision-making.

Let’s examine the approvals, automation, and potential advantages for your team with Business Process Manager in detail.

Jira approval workflow. What is that?

The Jira approval workflow is a logical series of steps where specific information can be approved or denied by a higher-up in the organization. This information can range from an employee’s requested time off dates to a project’s financial budget.

In this process, work from various levels or departments is formally approved. This work may include budgets, invoices, project ideas, marketing plans, etc. The unique feature of approval processes is that they halt the procedure until a particular team member approves the data.

For example, your department is launching a paid Google advertising campaign. You should design the advertisement, compose the copy, establish a budget, and start the campaign. Your PPC expert will be able to begin it as soon as the chief marketer, chief copywriter and financial department have all given their approvals for this campaign.

Because of this, the approval stage ensures that, in the end, every component of your project is prepared and double-checked, preventing your PPC specialist from launching the campaign with incorrect creative content and wasting money.

How to automate the Jira workflow approval process?

Therefore, the manager can reject the project at any time, dumping the entire crew’s efforts.

The team should communicate well to guarantee that the process is effective. Sadly, this is not always the case, mainly when talking about large companies or remote employees.

Managers receive numerous calls, emails, or messages in Slack/Teams, causing complete chaos and delays. Sometimes they get lost in the system, or people ignore the message they have got. What solutions are for a smooth Jira approval process and a productive workflow?

Automation is the solution. You may automate your Jira business process to save time for your team and ensure everyone has access to up-to-date information about the project’s status and necessary changes without consulting coworkers, subordinates, or supervisors.

Business Process Manager app for approval workflow in Jira

So, how will the BPM in Cloud help your Jira approval process? You may add the Jira approvals to each stage of your issue once you’ve set up a BPM issue with a few steps, as in the Google paid advertisement. You can select approver(s), and assign them in the order you need.

For instance, you might choose the chief designer to approve the campaign’s creativity, the chief copywriter to approve the text, and the head marketer to approve the design and content all at once.

If any changes are required, the approver can choose whether to “approve” or “reject” the form. When the stage is accepted or denied, you can configure the tool to automatically build a new template, reopen the form, or don’t do anything.

You can simplify the Jira workflow for your team by providing the atlassian solution partner app — approval option. When everything is automated within a single add-on, you can ensure that nothing is overlooked, and that everyone receives timely reminders and notifications. So that you and your team are not diverted by numerous emails or phone calls asking, “Have you done this? “, “Have you received that? “ etc. Schedule a demo call with our manager to learn more about how BPM will benefit the Jira workflow at your company.

To conclude

Don’t miss a chance to simplify workflow, save time and improve efficiency with a few simple clicks! Start your free 30-day trial today and give your managers and team more time to work on more critical projects.




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