How to organize Jira Document Approval Workflow?

4 min readNov 9, 2022


How long does it take your staff to find the necessary information? One of the processes that take the longest to complete is document management. When you organize your documents, you could lose up to 21,3% of your productivity. That is why choosing the right tools is essential. You can use the highly flexible tool for Jira document approval workflow to create your document process management here.

Document management workflow: What is it?

Each process — including customer service, human resources, accounting, and invoicing — needs effective document recording, saving, and usage. It’s less likely that your team will become frustrated or unproductive if everything is set up correctly. Management can help in this situation.

Every successful company needs a document management workflow to gather, store, categorize, exchange, and delete information.

Let’s talk about human resources management. When new employees come, you gather their skills, experience, and personal information. You can include all of that information in an employee profile. Along the way of the work cycle, you should track the objectives and accomplishments of each team member and conduct a performance evaluation. Finally, arrange the documentation for the offboarding procedure. A ton of work should be done to provide staff with the necessary documents for their roles, coordination, etc.

Many companies maintain their documents on paper, while others use electronic ones. This article will show you how to improve your workflow and increase results.

Elements of a DMS Workflow

The goal of a document management system (DMS) is to streamline document workflow while reducing the consumption of paper. It includes the following elements:

  • creating, editing and archiving a new document
  • document versioning
  • exchanging documents
  • reporting development
  • addition of a search capability.

Although document workflow software comes in various styles and levels of complexity, it is beneficial for companies of all sizes. Choose the best option for your business. Let’s examine how Jira users might improve their workflow for managing documents.

Document Management Workflow in Jira: Why is it necessary?

Integrating your document management here as well is preferable if you use Atlassian Jira as your project management tool. As a result, your team will have access to the necessary documents without leaving the instance.

What happens if the entire document management process is set up without a DMS at various locations?

Let’s look at the example:

You have some financial request → Fill out the requisition form → Send it to the department manager → Wait for approval → Send it to the finance department → Wait for approval again → Send for the final approval from the CEO.

It seems like a typical process, but it takes a long time to resolve everything. If you do it manually, you should wait for the transfer of your request from one office to another. Is it too long?

Jira allows you to set up your document workflow according to the various process stages. Make a Jira board and assign the proper statuses. For instance, you can create a separate project just for funding requests. You can include such statuses in the project: to-do, under management review, under financial department review, under CEO review, to be paid, and done.

Until it is completed, your request will move from one Jira status to another. Additionally, every Jira issue has the opportunity to attach documents.

How can Business Process Manager be helpful?

Consider automating and accelerating the workflow for document management workflow. It means that you complete the request form without taking any further action. It is automatically passed on to the following person, who will be notified about the approval.

The purpose of the Business Process Manager (BPM) tool is to automate Jira workflow and shorten the time required for repetitive tasks. One of the many instances is organizing your documents. Who wouldn’t like to save 21,3% on productivity, though? There are undoubtedly more crucial activities than paperwork for each business.

How can BPM simplify the Jira document management workflow?

  • Create a form for the necessary document type

Forms built inside the application standardize workflow and store data internally in Jira. Text field, Action Item, Dropdown, Multichoice, Checkbox, Attachment, etc., are examples of common form elements that you can use regularly.

  • Set the Approval Step and choose a responsible person to approve the action or document.

You have a choice of one or more users. The form will be sent to each recipient in the chosen order. When a user chooses to Approve or Reject, messages will be sent to you via email in Jira.

  • Don’t miss the deadlines by configuring the due date

You can set a specific or dynamic date that is based on how many days pass after the trigger is set.

  • Add the Blocker

You can add a blocker for each Approval Step, and any task will not start until the required users approve this step.


If you work with document management properly, it will save you both time and money. In Jira, you can develop a single source of truth and a convenient workflow for managing documents. You can take BPM a step further and automate a workflow for document management. You can definitely find additional cases to use if you give it a try. Business Process Manager will bring more value to your Jira workflow process. Try it on the Atlassian Marketplace and enjoy the results!




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