Creating and sharing Jira dynamic forms with external users

3 min readApr 14, 2023

Managing workflows and projects is a time-consuming task, especially for managers who have a lot of responsibilities. Fortunately, there are tools like Jira Software that can help businesses streamline their work and improve productivity.

Jira Cloud has an opportunity to create nice forms that can improve and customize your issue layout. However, it’s very important to have an opportunity to share the forms with people outside of your organization and get a response to the Jira issue.

For instance, HR departments often need to collect candidates’ documents and information during the hiring process. Our SaaSJet team has released Smart Jira Forms to provide users with an option to create the forms in Jira and get responses directly to Jira issue.

instruction how to create and share jira forms

How to share forms in Jira externally?

First of all, you need to install the add-on. Get it from the Marketplace on your Jira instance in a second.

Step 1: Create Your Form

Construct the form that suits your requirements, with bundled fields and dynamic fields as necessary.

Step 2: Attach the Form to an Issue

Create the issue and attach the form to the relevant issue type.

Step 3: Get the URL for Sharing

Once you’ve added the form, you can get a URL for sharing it. You can share this URL with email addresses of people in your organization or external stakeholders by using the share button.

Step 4: External Users Submit the Form

When the user submits the form, the form responses will appear in the Jira issue and Add-on.

That’s it!

The shared form is valid for only one submission and during a one-month period. The data will be saved in Jira properties and won’t be stored outside your Jira instance.

In conclusion, Smart Jira Forms is a valuable tool that simplifies the data collection process, saves time, and improves efficiency for businesses. With its drag-and-drop interface and numerous features, building forms in Jira is effortless and time-efficient. With the option to share forms externally, it provides added convenience for users. Trying out the trial version is a great way to discover all the benefits and increase productivity while still enjoying some free time.




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